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Chinese Could Lose Combat With India in Ladakh: Studies

Fifty-eight years after India suffered a bloody nose in a brisk war with China in 1962, the two nations are once again at a standoff in the same region of the Himalayas.


Although there have been previous fracas with Chinese troops along the border, the June 15 incident, which saw at least 20 Indian troops (from the Bihar Regiment) killed, plus 76 wounded and perhaps 45 casualties within the Chinese Army, represents a new upping of the ante.


Where the Galwan River incident differs from previous encounters is the level of Chinese actions. First, the Chinese had appeared in large numbers in a new area which they had not previously focused on. Second, the Chinese have now dug in along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), a de facto international border which was solidified after the 1962 war. Satellite photos taken in the days after the fracas also show a Chinese military build-up on the other side of the LAC.


This story was published on June 20, 2020 in Deccan Herald


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