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A collection of photographs which appeared on the homepage and now they're here, because they are old.

Self-Portrait: In Conversation, December 2018 (Standalone)
Despite its growing mythos as a cosmopolitan super-city, Bangalore, once a small, sleepy town favored by retirees and pensioners struggles to make sense of its meteoric growth from a population of less than a million in the 1980s, to 14 million in 2018. The result of this spectacular growth is a metropolis which appears stagnant even as it is in flux, almost soulless in its efforts to juggle modernity with poverty with a loss of environment; a city resting on its stark contradictions.
City Life: Images from around Bangalore, India, December 2018 (Standalone)
I did everything right with these dual images, shot using a Canon G16 bridge camera, except fixing the exposure to compensate for low light. The result is high ISO grain which arguably gives these pictures a Vermeer-like veneer. As for my subject? For someone normally open to selfies with strangers, her embarrassment in the face of my camera was as utterly mystifying as it was charming.
Sophie Clement (Netherlands)
Sophie Clement 2 (Netherlands)
Red, on Red Chesterfield (Standalone Special, November 2018)
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