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A Glimpse of the Past

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

While waiting for a government official at the state government offices at the center of Bangalore, I decided to check out the nearby 80-year-old college, the Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technology Institute (a mouthful ever there ever is one).

I think I fired off 10 frames in total of the college building, and the images which resulted took me back to a Bangalore that no longer exists. A Bangalore of a more civilized era dominated by stellar architecture, awareness and sophistication. But maybe this Bangalore never existed in real life.

Maybe it only exists in my mind.

After experimenting a bit, I decided to take these images in black and white because the two-tones really made the scene so much more atmospheric, heightened as it was by smoke from a cluster of leaves of being burned.

In retrospect, such stone-based architecture of the British Imperial era appear to be timeless. What does it say about modern, concrete architecture which cannot exude the gravitates which these ancient building apparently seem to embody?

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