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Of the French and the Japanese

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

French Counsel-General Marjorie Vanbaelinghem

Looking rather striking, French Counsel-General Marjorie Vanbaelinghem, poses in a kimono for the camera.

This picture was taken during Japanese "National Day," held to mark the birthday of the Japanese emperor. The party was typical consulate fare, fancy food and haute diplomatic fashion, down to ethnic national dresses.

While I was taking to Ms Vanbaelinghem, she pointed out that she had chosen to wear a kimono because the French themselves did not have a national dress. It was a striking comment because until that moment I hadn't realized that of course that the French didn't have a national dress. I started to wonder which other countries lacked national dresses and realized that most European countries did, except for maybe Germany. I'm certain that anthropologists can make (or have already made) something out of this.

While I was at the party, I was also scanned by this rather random hotel? dude (above), checking people for the coronavirus. It was rather hilarious.

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