Digital Art, 2015

This side profile of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Argus, was created in 2015, using Adobe Illustrator, in order to satisfy art requirements for a possible story on humanitarian efforts by the vessel during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. The Argus, equipped with three heavy-lift Merlin helicopters, landing barges, Toyota pickup trucks, food and medical supplies, and full-equipped 100-bed hospital with 80 medical staff, served as the command center of British aid efforts in the region. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity for a news story on the vessel passed with the diminishing of the crisis by March 2015 and disinterest by mainstream international media.

Nevertheless, the idea of the 28,000-ton Argus, a self-sufficient mobile platform capable of handling all manner of non-combat crisis, renders the ship a compelling subject. Predictably, she appeared in the 2013 Brad Pitt film, World War Z, as a command ship helping with humanitarian efforts during a zombie pandemic.

Peacock badge of the RFA Argus


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