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The Flamenco Dancers, c.2016

Like photography, art allows me to visually analyze our world. Portraiture is particularly attractive because they are things of precision. A misplaced line can dramatically alter the result and because of the challenges of getting it right, there is a sense of order and satisfaction to be had in the process.


The watercolor portraits of the flamenco dancers below are a result of a desire to alter my methods and subjects from my usual practice of drawing military men using a no. 2 pencil.

The Warriors, c.2008-2014

Many of these pieces were drawn to satisfy a particular requirement. The pilots were created to accompany a book on Malta and the portrait of Lt-General Stilwell was created to accompany writing on the Burma campaign of World War II. Only the drawing of the Piccard and Walsh in the Bathyscaphe Trieste was created for frivolous reasons, because I found the technological setting intriguing. Naturally, these images form only a small part of the larger collection of portraits in my collection.

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